About me

Photography is my big passion. It is the way, how to show the world as seen by my eyes. The world is full of amazing things and places, you just need to look. People often pass their surroundings immersed in their everyday thoughts.

They feel bored and imprisoned in their everyday stereotype. But in reality, there are no boring or even ugly places or things. You just need to look in different way. And stay focused on the present moment. And the world will change. I am happy to have the possibility to show this to the people through my photographs. When I am working, I am totally absorbed by it. My feelings while exploring new shots are the same as the adventurer's experience in discovering untapped places at the bottom of the ocean, in the middle of the jungle, or wherever you can imagine. It is an amazing adventure.

Great artwork should touch the innermost human´s feelings, catch him so, that there is only he and the work and nothing else exists. This is my main goal during creation of my photographs. You can´t usually see faces of people in my photographs. It is the way to achieve, that you can better identify yourself with stories in my photographs. I want to express a wide range of people´s emotions. From calm and joy to pain and strange indefinite feeling which everybody has sometimes. Feelings from everyday life as well as feelings from night dreaming or nightmares. I try to materialize indeterminate and I use seemingly incompatible elements to achieve that by creating a new unexpected reality.

My photographs have been published in many medias all around the world (for.ex. Professional Photographer Magazine, Photography Monthly, Harper's Bazaar, Top Class, B&W Magazine, FotoVideo, DIGIfoto, PhotoArt and many others) and also got prizes in a lot of photographic contests (Professional Photographer of the Year 2012 - 1st place -The Portfolio Award, Photographer of the year 2010 - 1st place, Photographer of the Year 2013 - 1 st place, The Outstanding Photographic Works 2018 - Boqi Cup in China, IPA The Lucie Awards 2018 - Honorable Mention, The Tokyo International Foto Awards - Gold Medal, Ipa One Shot: Street Photography - Honorable Mention, Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2018 - Honorable Mention, IPA The Lucie Awards 2019 - Honorable Mention, IPA One Shot - Honorable Mention, IPA The Lucie Awards 2020 - Honorable Mention and many others). My works are included in art collections all over the world.